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Gerald & Pat!

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Gerald Roberts and his wife, Pat, lived happily in Abilene, Kansas. A lot of children and grandchildren visited throughout the year, especially during rodeo time in the summers.

Gerald & Pat at the National Finals Rodeo
in Oklahoma City, OK


Gerald and Pat

Pat, or "Grandma," or "Nene," or "Dear," as Gerald called her, was a wonderful wife and grandmother. When you visited her house, you were welcomed with open arms - friends and family alike. The food was always homemade and was always outstanding. Grandma's cherry pies were a legend - just ask Lala. Granddad (Gerald) would sometimes put a can of cherries out on the kitchen counter as a hint for grandma to "please make us a cherry pie!" Grandma was bombarded with this request so often that, if she was not in the mood to make a cherry pie, she'd just put the can of cherries back in the cupboard and that was that! Once, grandma gave Granddad a choice: ironed shirts (she was not fond of ironing) or a cherry pie. He took the pie.

She had so many grandchildren parading through her house since 1968 that she deserved the "Grandmother of The Century" award! She taught us all in so many ways - from crafts and cooking to how to be caring toward others.

She was also a devoted and loving wife to Gerald. She and Gerald would go out on the road together to sell their Chap-parel brand rodeo chaps and gear year-after-year. She ran the household and did all the bookkeeping - while Gerald designed and cut out chaps - every day! Married since 1966, Gerald and Pat went together like bread and butter - one just goes with the other!


1936 - 2005

Gerald's wife, Pat Roberts, lost her battle with cancer and passed away November 3, 2005. She was laid to rest on November 8, 2005 in Abilene, Kansas.

We miss you!




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