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A note from the web designer . . .

As Gerald's granddaughter, Shannan, I have grown up relishing the stories of my Granddad's life and of his career . . . his wild stories of hitchhiking and jumping on (and off) freight trains to get from rodeo to rodeo, emergency airplane landings, Hollywood and being a cowboy stuntman, riding bulls and wild horses, and so many more. I have heard so many wonderful stories throughout the years.

When my granddad was still alive, many of us in the family would go to the rodeo in Strong City, Kansas (Granddad's hometown and the rodeo our family started on their ranch in the 1930's) or in Abilene, Kansas (where he and my Grandma Pat called home for over 40 years) hoping to hear more stories. Granddad was always great at telling old cowboy poems too - we loved those! We are all very proud of him and wish to carry on his legacy and stories of the sport of rodeo.

Even now that my grandparents have both gone to be with the Lord, we try to attend the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City, Kansas as often as we can to relive our memories, help continue the traditions and help keep the spirit of rodeo, and their memories, alive.


This web site is dedicated to one of the greatest Professional Rodeo Cowboys of all time . . .
my Granddad, Gerald Roberts.


I would also like to acknowledge my grandma Pat, who has relentlessly taken good care of my Granddad throughout the years. They are a good match because he likes to be babied. . .and she's good at babying him!

Although I have heard the stories printed in this web site many times, I used several sources (there are many more out there) to refresh my memory and to aid in putting them in writing - I wish to give the following journalists credit for their articles and thank them for keeping my Granddad's stories alive in print:
  • Gerald & Pat Roberts, of course!
  • A taped interview from August 1998, by Ramsey Telley of Rodeo Circus Films
  • A magazine article published in American Cowboy, "At Home with Pat, Gerald, and Friends" by John Brown, August 1999
  • A magazine article published in Western Horseman, "He's Been There" by Gavin Ehringer, June 1993
  • A magazine article published in Cowboys & Indians, "Rodeo Cowboy's Career Guide (Western Clothing Maker or Design Consultant)" by Gavin Ehringer, Summer 1995
  • A newspaper article published in the Abilene Reflector - Chronicle, "Roberts Will Be Inducted" by Jeri Clouston, August 6, 1990.

I also wish to give the following journalists credit for their articles about my Great-Granddad, E.C. and thank them for keeping his memory alive in print:

  • An article published in Grass & Grain, "Hey Neighbor - Rodeo Hero's Death Loss To All" by Frank J. Buchman, September 8, 1992.
  • An article published in the Cottonwood Falls and Strong City Newspaper, (Vol 120 No. 37) "Mr. Rodeo . . . Emmett Roberts Takes Final Ride From Arena," author unknown, September 10, 1992.

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